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Pilates - How to Get the Most out of Your Workout

Pilates – How to Get the Most out of Your Workout

You want to get the most out of your Pilates workout, but you’re not sure how.

We all want to achieve a higher level of fitness – and we’ve all had the thought that there must be an easier way!

The Pilates Method is a highly effective and low-impact exercise that can help you get the most out of your workouts. It’s been around for almost a century and has a stellar reputation when it comes to improving one’s health and fitness. 

This article hopes to help you learn about Pilates – starting with the basics and moving on to helping you find the right classes that will suit your fitness goals. We will also discuss which Pilates workout might be best for you to how to maximize your time in the studio. 

Pilates Defined

Pilates is a series of movements targeting specific muscles to build stability, strength, and endurance while maintaining elasticity and mobility of the body.

Pilates exercises can be modified to improve the strength and rehabilitation of injured individuals. On the other hand, the exercises can also be modified to build explosive strength commonly needed by athletes.

Note: Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, was born sickly and with rickets (a medical condition that weakens bones). However, he was able to turn this around for himself with the method that he created. He called it Contrology, but as the years passed, it became known by his name.

“Booming Boon of Pilates” 

Various studies have shown the positive effects of doing Pilates exercises. Here are just some of the things:

  • Strengthens and stabilizes your core body
  • Improves your posture, flexibility, and mobility
  • Help in alleviating chronic low back pain
  • Speeds up recovery from specific orthopedic injuries
  • Helps in weight management

Reformer Pilates vs. Mat Pilates

You probably have learned that there are many different types of Pilates workouts, and they all have their own benefits. 

Mat Pilates and Pilates using a reformer are just two of the most popular. So, what’s the difference?

Mat Pilates is a fitness workout that uses a mat, ball, and other props to strengthen the body. It’s an intense workout and you can do it even at home.

In contrast, the Pilates reformer is an exercise machine that helps you focus on your core muscles and improve your posture. It’s considered to be more intense than mat Pilates and also more effective.

You may be wondering which workout is better: mat or reformer. And you might be curious about the pros and cons of each of these traditional Pilates workouts. 

Unfortunately, there’s really no straightforward answer because it really depends on a lot of factors.

To help you decide which could be best for you, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What do you want to achieve with your Pilates workout? 
  • What is your fitness level?
  • Do you have the time to do an intense workout?

How To Get The Most of Your Pilates Workout

To get the most out of your Pilates workout, ensure that you are prepared for it – in mind and body

Just like any activities or projects you want to start, make sure that you are prepared mentally and physically. 

For example, you may want to do some stretching before starting any serious Pilates exercises. It’s possible that you might not be used to the positions used during a Pilates class, so stretching will make sure that you don’t pull anything or hurt yourself in any way. 

Keep in mind that the Pilates workout can be a rigorous one and requires dedication from the person doing it. Beginners should remember this as they embark on a Pilates regimen. 

That’s why it’s crucial that you find an instructor who will teach you how to do it properly from the start. This will ensure that you are not putting your body at risk while doing Pilates. You will also make sure that you are getting maximum benefits out of it. 

Choosing the Right Pilates Studio

Pilates studios are everywhere today, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. There are so many factors to consider like prices, instructors, and even the studio’s location.

If you’re looking for a studio that’s best for you but don’t know how to choose the right one, here are some things you need to consider.

First, since the Pilates industry is not regulated, make sure to choose well-trained instructors by looking at their qualifications and years of experience.

Online reviews are also an easy way to check if the studio has a good reputation. You can also ask family and friends for their recommendations on finding the right Pilates studio.

Also, don’t forget that aside from instructors’ qualifications, you may also need to consider the community of Pilates attendees. Having a warm supportive community can help you get a boost of confidence and motivate you to stay on track. 

How to Prepare for Your Pilates Classes

Do you have a background or prior experience in activities that require movement such as dancing, yoga, calisthenics, etc.?

If not, then it’s recommended that you try a few Pilates classes first either in a group or private setting.

The rationale behind this is that you will gain a clear insight as to what works best for you in terms of what muscle groups you should engage as a beginner. In reference to that, attending classes will prevent injuries as you will be guided accordingly by trained professionals.

It’s all part of your Pilates research. Online research and reading books can come in handy, but nothing beats learning the actual feel of the workout itself. 

Furthermore, there are two widely considered types of Pilates — classical and contemporary, and the differences between the two will be more clear-cut as you attend classes.

Train With DEFINE Pilates Scottsdale

Pilates is a great way to sculpt and tone your abs, back, legs, and arms. With so many Pilates studios to choose from, it can be overwhelming and difficult to find the best methods and classes to achieve optimal results.

We understand that it’s tempting to go to a class once or twice before signing up for a Pilates membership because classes can be expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why DEFINE Pilates Scottsdale offers complimentary classes to help you get started without having to dig deep in your pockets. We have a team of licensed Pilates instructors who are happy to guide you in your fitness journey. So, jumpstart your Pilates workout by booking a class today!