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Pilates reformer

3 Things You Should Know If You Are Using A Pilates Reformer

If you’re unfamiliar with Pilates, it can be hard to know where to start. As a beginner, you may have questions about what the Pilates reformer is, what equipment is needed, and how to get started.

Lack of clear instructions and guidance can make starting Pilates difficult for both novice and experienced practitioners alike.

Have you been out of the exercise game for a while? Or, are you on the fence about starting a Pilates reformer class?

Well, here’s the good news! DEFINE Pilates Studio offers intro Pilates reformer classes for those who are new to the practice or have a beginner level of fitness experience.

Our instructors are friendly and knowledgeable and they are glad to guide you through everything you need to know in order to get started on your journey of wellness.

You’ll be thrilled to discover that you can actually start at your current level of fitness, and you will be excited to see how quickly you adapt to the classes.

To help you get started, we’ve whipped up this short article to guide you on 3 things you should know if you are using a Pilates reformer.

#1 Pilates Reformer – Starting with the Basics

Pilates reformers are a type of apparatus used for physical fitness training and have been around for almost a century. They were designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century to help facilitate the process of strengthening, stretching, and aligning the body and at the same time improving core muscle strength.

This machine consists of a large, flat board with springs or elastic straps attached to it, which are secured to the bed frame. This allows users to perform exercises that strengthen and stretch their muscles while putting appropriate pressure on their joints or spine.

Essential Parts of Pilates Reformer

Are you excited to start your Pilates journey?

Fire up your Pilates vocabulary by familiarizing yourself with the following terms because you will be hearing these often.

The Carriage

This is the padded part of the reformer where you will be lying. You may use it while lying, sitting, or kneeling, depending on the type of exercise you will be doing. It slides along the frame as you push the footbar and pull the straps.

The Footbar

As the name suggests, this is where your hands or feet will rest to propel the carriage. Depending on the version of the reformer, the footbar may be adjusted to the desired height.

The Springs

These springs create the resistance and traction needed during the exercise (imagine your dumbbells at the gym). Each spring is graded depending on the amount of tension required.

#2 Benefits of Pilates Reformer Exercises

You’ve probably already heard of the many benefits you can gain by doing Pilates reformer exercises.

To give you some ideas, here are just some of the wonderful benefits you can expect:

  • The Pilates reformer improves core muscle strength.
  • Reformer exercises are known to improve back pain and enhance recovery from injury.
  • A Pilates reformer workout can help in weight loss.
  • It can help improve bone density.
  • It can help improve body posture.

Something to Keep in Mind

Some people should take caution before participating in a Pilates reformer workout. If you are pregnant, with injury, or if you are feeling any pain before (or during) the session, speak to your instructor right away.

#3 Goals of Pilates Reformer Exercises

Working out using the Pilates reformer is known to be effective in increasing one’s flexibility and improving muscle strength. Many clients practice Pilates to improve their balance and postural alignment. With its many benefits, many can’t wait to get started!

However, before you begin, it’s crucial to know what your goals are and to set realistic ones.

Talk to your instructor about what to expect during and after your Pilates sessions. This will help keep you focused and motivated in continuing your Pilates practice.

Rather than eyeing Pilates as a short-term solution, it is much better if you practice Pilates as a part of your lifestyle.

When Pilates is practiced regularly, you can benefit from its long-term effects and help your mind and body stay healthy.

Call us and we can guide you in setting up your Pilates goals and help you get started.