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Pilates Group Classes

Pilates Plus

Regardless of your fitness level our experienced instructors will take you through a 50 minute flow utilizing equipment and props to elevate your practice while focusing on form by using slow controlled movement to target muscles you never knew existed. Get ready to feel the difference.

Pilates Body Sculpt

This high-energy HIIT-like class uses the one-of-a-kind, “love to hate it” jumpboard! Only used on the reformer, we attach a padded board to the front of the reformer that allows you to engage in cardio while still maintaining a low impact experience. Everyone leaves sweaty but loving their new favorite cardio class!

*Students should expect to use props and weights in this class.*

Group Classes​ Pricing And Membership Options​

Membership Options

$2,600 per year
(Payment made in full upfront)

$239/month + $150.00 One Time
New Member Initiation Fee
(3 month commitment then month to month)

$209/month + $150.00 One Time
New Member Initiation Fee
(3 month commitment then month to month.)

Class Packages



($40 per class. Expires in 6 months)

$800 ($40 per class. Expires in 6 months)

Booking Classes

We use Mindbody to schedule classes.
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Our Success Stories

In their words

"Ashley is a very experienced pilates instructor. Her classes are well planned and structured. It always challenges me to the next level. I have gotten much stronger. My body is definitely more toned and well-defined."
Linda LCustomer
"For the past 3 1/2 years, I have benefited from Ashley’s Pilates instruction. She is professional and knowledgeable and I always look forward to her classes because I know she will challenge me. As a result, I am now physically stronger and have confidence in my day to day activities."
Staci FCustomer
"I have been with Ashley for 5 years, for good reason. Throughout this time, I have gained significant strength, stamina, balance and endurance. In each class, Ashley pushes you further with a perfect combination of diverse training methods and challenging, yet achievable exercises. She places a high value on correct form and motivates you to push past perceived limits. Ashley’s breadth of knowledge is impressive and her dedication to help you reach your potential is bar none. I actually look forward to working out and I schedule my day around class with Ashley. She’s the best!"
Molly LCustomer
"Get ready to work hard and enjoy class as much as Ashley enjoys teaching! She is a passionate, skilled Pilates instructor whose classes maximize your workout time by challenging your strength and flexibility with great pace and smooth transitions. Ashley will push you and motivate you and you will feel and see results in both your strength and muscle tone. Her workouts are exceptional and you will become addicted! "
Patti DCustomer
"I never thought I would lunge or squat again! Years of competitive sports left me with no ACL in my right knee and chronic hip and back pain. Ashley’s guidance, motivation and challenging classes helped me to rebuild my weakened leg muscles, strengthen my core and increase my flexibility. I now have no hip or back pain, my legs and arms are stronger every day and I’m in better shape than I was 20 years ago. Whatever fitness goals you have Ashley will work with you to achieve them! "